In This Dream Everything Remains Inside – Poems by Gilda Morina Syverson

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In Search of My Own Mother


 A della Francesca luminescence

streams through the open door

of this dream. The kitchen back

at my parents’, the same light

that first day we moved in

forty years earlier. Only

my mother is missing.


My father, home from the shop,

hurries up the back stairway.

I press myself against the wall.

He rushes past me. I hang on

to the old brown phone hoping

my mother will call.


One by one, seven siblings

and their families appear.

I ask a brother if he’s seen

our mother.  He vanishes

and a sister flashes by.

I call out, ask

if she’s found Mother.


But she runs busy

from house to vehicle, carries

her children in.  In the basement,

nieces and nephews play games,

kickball, hide and seek.


I send them in search of Mother,

down Plymouth towards James Street.

In the distance, they form a circle,

light radiates from their center.

A reflection of my face appears.

A taller female figure rises.